RW Lomond is a powerhouse of resources, with accessibility to all the dynamics within the property developing world.





Strategic Advisory

Offering strategic advisory for pre-development and planning, complimented with real world advice and valued industry insights.

Master programme development
Market research and analysis
Site due diligence
Concept design management
Feasibility modelling and return analysis
Risk assessment
Preparation of development brief
Local authority consultation and pre-planning application assessments
Key consultant selection, appointment and management
Development budget management


Development Acquisition

The most crucial stage in every development (Acquisition) acquiring the right site for its intended purpose or to meet a specific lack (need and demand) in a specific location. This stage has crucial key components to ensure a project’s viability.


Identification and analysis of sites
Demographic Studies
Analysis and market research
Concept Design & Master planning
Project Feasibility
Development Proposal
Finance and investment evaluation
Financial modelling
Sourcing Equity Partner
Property acquisition
Purchasing Entity
Contract Negotiation
Acquisition Structure
Payment Method and Terms

Project Set-up

A development is only as good as the manager in control of it. We never compromise in appointing the most talented Development Managers, who are highly experienced, resourceful, quick thinking problem solvers, calm and patient under pressure, while at the same time respects the importance of finishing a project on time, on budget and built to an exceptional high standard of finish.

Appointment of consultants
Design management
Value engineering
All local authority approvals
Master Planning
Finance management
Risk Management
Project strategy and planning
Sales and Marketing management
Display suite management
Procurement strategies
Tendering to builders
Negotiating building contracts
Project scheduling


Project Delivery

From end to end…the Complete Development Cycle…in our hands…Visions become Reality…


Master Planning
Design management
Consultant team management
Finance management
Risk Management
Sales and Marketing management
Display suite management
Health & Safety
Variation, site instruction and RFI management
Site progress reporting
Cost control
Quality management
Construction risk management
Site management and construction monitoring
Defects management and close-out